Lifeline Discount Program

Lifeline Telephone Discount Program

“The Lifeline telephone discount program enables low-income customers to connect to the nation’s communications network, find jobs, access health care services, reach out to family, and call for help in an emergency,” Without question, the Lifeline program can be a lifeline for low-income telephone customers.”

Lifeline assistance lowers the cost of basic, monthly local telephone service. Eligible consumers can receive up to $11.25 per month in discounts.

Reduced Charges – Households receive a monthly discount in their local telephone services charges. In most cases, the discount is $11.25 per month.

Option to Elect Toll Blocking in Lieu of a Service Deposit – Consumers have the option of blocking outgoing long distance toll calls free of charge. If the applicant elects this option, the local telephone company will not collect a service depositĀ  in order to initiate Lifeline service.

Reduction in Local Telephone Line Installation Service Charges – Pursuant to the Link-Up America Program, a qualifying customer is eligible for a 50% reduction on local telephone line installation service charges.


Lifeline and Link-Up services are available to certain low-income consumers who meet the following criteria:

Applicant’s household incomes does not exceed 150% of current federal poverty standards. Documentation of income is required.

The maximum income amount varies according to the number of people in the household.

To Apply for Lifeline Services Call 857-3100